Whatever your manufacturing or development requirements, DESIGNSTEEL has all the equipment and skilled personnel necessary to deliver both on time and on budget.

Steel Manufacturing

Short or long runs, simple or complex products... we offer client companies fast turnaround and excellent value. Rather than tie up their own resources, many customers take advantage of DESIGNSTEEL's capacity to produce components or completed products on their behalf.

We work in all standard metals and, if required can organise coating and even packaging for your product. Our in-house capacity to perform multi-process operations and our easy access to motorways and the Port of Auckland make DESIGNSTEEL the ideal choice for the outplacement of manufacturing services.

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With skilled and versatile engineers on DESIGNSTEEL's fulltime team, no development project is beyond our capabilities. We welcome the challenge to devise the ideal solution to your specific requirement. Problem-solving is a specialty.

As you can see from the projects featured on this page and throughout the site, DESIGNSTEEL has the skills and capacity to produce virtually anything in any metal - from hardy agricultural equipment to precision mechanical components and striking one-off display materials.

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With our years of experience and the most modern equipment, DESIGNSTEEL can handle the most demanding pressing operations in any standard metal.

Having coil feeders, all standard tooling and a range of presses from 40 to 160 tonnes in-house enables us to cut lead-times and the overall cost of production while maintaining optimum quality assurance standards.

The DYE Press Brake with the latest 3D graphics has a folding length of 3 metres, 110 tonnes of pressure and a 5 axis Mod Eiva - 15s controller for more precise and reliable folding. 

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CNC Punch and Shear

The Alfa 500 CNC punch and shear machine is a cornerstone machine in DESIGNSTEEL's workshop. The innovative design allows hands free punching and cutting of flat bar and angle bringing efficiency and productivity to what was once a bottleneck.

On conventional single head punch and shear machines, seperate operations are required for punching and shearing. If a pattern of holes or a combination of holes and slots are required, the material needs to be passed through the machine several times with tool changes and re jigging in between. Measurement is done by marking or mechanical stops leading to inaccuracy. DESIGNSTEEL has a conventional punch and shear for simple jobs but for the complex jobs there is a better way.

Made in Spain by Geka the Alfa 500 has 3 vertical punching heads that can be individually selected by the CNC control so a variety of holes and slots can be punched without changeover. The feeding carriage automatically move the material sideways to allow a pattern of holes to be made without complicated set-ups.

When processing angle iron the horizontal punch unit punches holes in the upright leg can can also be moved in the vertical plane to allow a pattern to be punched.

A precision encoder measures the feed length to ensure the punching pattern and cut lengths as kept to a fine tolerance.

The machine has a Fagor CNC control running Geka's own software for fast programming and set-up of jobs.

The investment in the machine has paid off with increased in-house productivity and an increasing list of customer who use the speed and efficiency of the Alfa 500 to do their long runs and ocmplex jobs cheaper and better than they could with their own conventional punch and shear machine.

Call DESIGNSTEEL today to find out how the Alfa 500 can save you money.

Maximum size angle: 150 x 150 x 15 mm 
Minimum size angle: 40 x 40 x 4 mm 
Maximum flat bar width: 500 mm 
Minimum flat bar width: 50 mm 
Vertical punch power: 50 tons 
Horizontal punch power: 110 tons 
Flat Bar thickness: From 5 mm to 20 mm 
Length of material: Up to 12 metres 
Tooling: Round, square and oblong. Special shapes on request.

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